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Welcome to my newly revamped website! Gone are the blue and green colors, replaced by a more neutral color scheme and a site more conducive to mobile devices. Below are some important and timely announcements. A great deal of additional information – such as regarding my publications, research highlights, education, and so forth – can be found via the navigation links. Thank you for your interest in my work.

Robert Schoch and John Anthony West sitting in back of the Sphinx

John Anthony West (1932–2018)

Some thoughts regarding the passing of my dear friend and colleague.

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Two Important Books

Origins of the Sphinx is available for purchase. I hope you have also had the opportunity to read Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future.

Small banner for Robert Schoch's new Mehit article

She was a Lioness named Mehit –

...who guards an ancient archive! An article that supports my research of decades ago regarding a chamber beneath the Sphinx.

Small banner for tour of Ireland with Robert Schoch in 2018

Tour of Ireland

I am planning a one-week tour of the ancient and megalithic sites of Ireland, 16–24 June 2018. The trip will offer beautiful vistas, evening presentations, organic and non-gmo meals, and more. I hope you can join me.

Small banner for Croatia Cruise with Robert Schoch in 2018

Croatia Cruise – 2018

I will be presenting my research aboard a luxury cruise (and touring beautiful sites along Croatia's coast) in July of 2018. Note: The organizer has lowered the price of this tour!

Small banner, Robert Schoch looking at the Sphinx

Kind Words:

“In my opinion, Robert Schoch is the Galileo of our time.” – Randy Davila, President of Hampton Roads Publishing Company and Hierophant Publishing


1) I have no connection to or association with the Robert Schoch Foundation.

2) Please note that a fair amount of "information" regarding me found on the Internet, including on Wikipedia, is simply incorrect. For instance, I was not born on 24 April 1949. The day, the month, and the year are all incorrect. (And please remember, Wikipedia admittedly upholds the status quo. My research has been challenging the status quo for decades, which doesn't make me their favorite person.)

3) I own two domains on the World Wide Web, and Others have purchased my name as a domain. I have no control over this, or what is posted on those sites. The Web is the ultimate experiment in free expression, and I understand this.

Again, thank you for your interest in my work.